Undergraduate Conference

Poetry and Praxis: Lyric and Social Engagement

UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Symposium 2014

May 31, 2014 // University of California, Berkeley

We are proud to announce the 3rd annual Comparative Literature Undergraduate Research Symposium. The Symposium provides a space for undergraduates to present original research to theirs peers in the field of comparative literature and related disciplines. In past years, dozens of presenters from across the world have gathered at UC Berkeley to present their original research on a variety of topics in front of other undergraduate and graduate students in their field.

Professor Judith Butler presenting the keynote speech at the 2012 Symposium.

Professor Judith Butler presenting the keynote speech at the 2012 Symposium.

Students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with professors, graduate students, and undergraduates who are leaders in their field. Subsequent publication in the UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal is a possibility for presenters with exceptionally strong research.


Renowned Berkeley professor Harsha Ram participating in a small breakout session with several other conference attendees.

This year’s conference theme is Poetry & Praxis. We’re looking for undergraduates whose research centers on poetry in relation to politics and culture. Symposium presenters will be expected to give a 15-30 minute presentation on their research, which will be followed by a brief Q&A with the audience. A more detailed description of the theme can be found below.

The Application for Presenters can be found here
The application is due March 1.

We welcome students from all sorts of backgrounds, including but not limited to: literature, religious studies, theatre studies, LGBT studies, philosophy, media studies, gender studies, ethnic studies, history of art, international studies, film studies, and much more! Send us your research or merely register to attend. It’s free!


Students from UC Berkeley’s Comparative Literature department help lead Q&A discussions after a presentation.

2014 Call for Papers
Poetry & Praxis: Lyric and Social Engagement

This year’s Symposium centers on poetry’s relation to political practice and social critique across historical and linguistic boundaries. Preference will be given to proposals that integrate literary critique, theory, and social history. The conference will provide a voice for poetry’s distinct methods of engagement with society across languages, time periods, literatures, and cultures. We encourage cross-cultural, translational, and literary dialogues between diverse poetic traditions, particularly those of historically underrepresented cultures.

If you have concerns about the suitability of your research for our conference, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond promptly to all inquiries.

How to Apply

Applying to present at the Symposium simply requires that you submit this proposal form. The form will ask you for an abstract describing your research, which should be no longer than 400 words. The abstract should highlight the thesis, main arguments, and conclusions of your research. If we require any information about your research beyond this initial application, we will contact you directly.

We will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis until March 1st.

Please visit our website and Facebook for more details and updates.

The link to our conference proposal form can be found here
Conference proposal forms are due March 1.


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